Key Skills

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Explaining Your Cervical Smear Result

Explaining Your Cervical Smear Results Communication Skills Author – Kalyani Shinkar  Editor – Mohona Sengupta Last updated 26/05/24 Table of Contents Introduction The cervical smear test, also known as a Pap smear or Pap test, is a screening test used to detect abnormal cells on the cervix. Explaining an abnormal cervical smear test is a common …

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Consent Communication Skills Author – Salma Salem  Editor – Mohona Sengupta Last updated 26/03/24 Table of Contents Introduction Consent is an important aspect of medical practice. It is a requirement in everyday practice as part of examining patients, performing investigations and procedures as well as overall health decisions. Types of Consent Consent may be given in different …

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Inhaler Technique

Inhaler Technique Practical Skills Author – Kalyani Shinkar  Editor – Mohona Sengupta Last updated 26/03/24 Table of Contents Introduction Explaining inhaler technique effectively is a frequent scenario encountered both in clinical practice and OSCEs. It involves effectively communicating and demonstrating the correct method for using inhalers, which is crucial for patients managing respiratory conditions such as asthma, …

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HIV Counselling

HIV Counselling Communication Skills Author – Mohona Sengupta  Editor – James Mackintosh Last updated 04/02/24 Table of Contents Introduction Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system which makes it more vulnerable to infections and diseases which can be life threatening. HIV is primarily spread through sexual contact, sharing of needles and from mother …

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Surgical Scrubbing

Surgical Scrubbing Practical Skills Author – Mohona Sengupta Editor – James Mackintosh Last updated 31/01/24 Table of Contents Introduction Surgical scrubbing, gowning and gloving are crucial steps in maintaining sterile conditions during surgical procedures. These steps are essential in preventing surgical site infections and other complications. In this guide, we will take you through the correct …

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Venepuncture Practical Skills Author – Isabel Candir  Editor – Mohona Sengupta Last updated 21/12/23 Table of Contents Introduction Venepuncture is the process of taking a sample of blood from a vein. This is done using a needle and barrel, which uses a vacuum, and a blood bottle is connected to collect samples.     Blood samples …

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Prescribing and Adminstering Oxygen

Prescribing and Adminstering Oxygen Practical Skills Author – Mohona Sengupta Editor – James Mackintosh Last updated 18/12/23 Table of Contents Introduction Oxygen therapy plays a crucial role in the management of various medical conditions. It is one of the most commonly prescribed medications, therefore understanding the principles of prescribing and administering oxygen is essential to …

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Nasogastric (NG) Tube Insertion

Carrying out Nasogastric Tube Insertion Practical Skills Author – Mohona Sengupta  Editor – James Mackintosh Last updated 18/12/23 Table of Contents Introduction A nasogastric tube, also known as a NG tube is a common medical procedure employed in various healthcare settings. This guide will cover the indications for the insertion of a NG tube, contraindications …

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Fraser Guidelines

Fraser Guidelines Communication Guides Author – Mohona Sengupta  Editor – James Mackintosh Last updated 10/10/23 Table of Contents Introduction As future healthcare providers, medical students bear a responsibility to respect and safeguard the rights of their patients, especially when it comes to sensitive matters such as consent for medical treatment. Fraser Guidelines, established in 1985, …

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